This week's prompt is taken from the Furious Fiction challenge site. It was their October prompt, set last weekend, to be done in 55 hours. I was in the midst of doing another challenge, for NYC Midnight, so skipped it. But , I did like it, so thought I'd re-use it. Do try their challenge next month though. You were... Read more →

This weeks prompt is from an NYC Midnight micro-fiction challenge - 250 words in 24 hours, starting Friday midnight. We will be givn a genre, an action, and a word. I got Fairy Tale and/or Fantasy, Falling down stairs, silence. Due Midnight Saturday. Jump in, or do a longer one, 1000 words, due noon-ish, Friday, October 11. Photo from here. Read more →

Well, I did the first heat of the contest in July, and place in the top 15 of my group, with 4/15 points. The next one starts at midnight, Friday, and ends in 48 hours at midnight Sunday. My group (#42) now has to write a 1000 word story - genre is fantasy, settting is an antique shop, item is... Read more →

This past week was the start of school for many. Some kids and youths were keen, some fearful. Some parents were relieved, some apprehensive. This week's prompt is to write from the viewpoint of the sender, not the sendee. You've sent someone (or something?) to school. You've dreams and worries, there will be good news and bad news. Give us... Read more →