Friday 22/09/2023 #49 Random Photo Story #2

Friday 04/01/2024 #50 Present Tense #2

Photo-1516220362602-dba5272034e7I did this a few years ago, let's try again. Write in the present tense, as in simple tense, "Bob clubs the seal". Or present progressive, "I am chopping a cord of firewood".  It's a bit of a challenge to focus on it, but it makes the action seem immediate and intimate. It forces the reader to see everything through the eyes of the narrator - which may be inaccurate.  It is an unusual choice, but effective - see The Hunger Games or Bleak House.

Genre is your choice, 1000 words max, and due next Friday. Or some later Friday.  


Edit - if that challenge seems a little too open-ended, try a random writing idea generator, like this one. Do a spin and try what comes up. And don't do re-spins - if you don't like the first you see, maybe that's just your internal editor looking for something safe. 



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