Friday 18/03/2022 #47 -Characters and stress
Friday 22/09/2023 #49 Random Photo Story #2

Friday 29/04/2022 #48 Retry - Do Not Look at the Moon

34611239901_04c07e5a4f_c Many moons have passed since I first set this challenge, back in 2020. I've re-started my FFF prompts, a few times, but am stuck here .  This was a prompt from ages ago, from a friend and an Instagram site. Originally from a writing prompt channel on Reddit. Thousands of responses on Reddit to the idea.  


Prompt -  It's 3 AM. An official phone alert wakes you up. It says "DO NOT LOOK AT THE MOON". You have hundreds of notifications. Hundreds of random numbers are sending "It's a beautiful night tonight. Look outside."

Usual rules - 1000 words or fewer, by noon next Friday, May 6th.

Photo from here.


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Finally did another one. Hopefully I get past this block, whatever it is.

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