Friday 22/05/2020 #48 Don't Look at the Moon
Friday 29/04/2022 #48 Retry - Do Not Look at the Moon

Friday 18/03/2022 #47 -Characters and stress

8062854975_6a99293ce2_c It's been a while since I wrote something, other than a lot of posts on The Facebook and The Twitter. I'm not sure why, but I'll try again. 

This was a story idea I had back in November of 2019, as I considered the upcoming stress many feel over Christmas. Ah, those stress free pre-COVID days! Unfortunately, one side affect of this continuous stress we've all been under is more difficulty in making decisions. Might this possibly be a problem when choosing how to write a story? We'll see.

The challenge is to write a story examining a character, and the way they manage their stress. Use this random generator to give them three character traits.  1000 words, due by Friday, March 25.   

Photo from here.


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