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November 2019

Edit - did this in April, 2022. Holidays are approaching, and the days are getting shorter, the weather colder. At least here, in Canada. It's a time of year to stress our character, and our relationship with others. For better or worse. Write a story examining a character, and the way they manage their stress. Use this random generator to... Read more →

You're sitting in an old school tavern, not your usual hang-out, but an interesting place. Some people may not be who/what they seem to be. Of course. Give us a story, your choice of genre. Oh, and you need to incorporate a random object. Throw the dice, pick your object from here. I'm late with this prompt, but I'll back-date... Read more →

I need a newer and more complicated prescription for my glasses, so have made several visits to the optometrist already. In the future, we may never need to wear corrective lenses, but in the meantime, the prompt is to use glasses in a story. Special glasses, whether through science or magic, but they will be no ordinary pair. Image by... Read more →