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October 2019

This week, with Halloween approaching, I'd like you to write about the holiday. Not from the point of view of kids, teenagers, or even suburbanites. Try some pensioners - in a home, on a beach, lost in space - your choice. 1000 words max, due next Friday, November 1st, the day after All Hallow's Eve. Image from here. Read more →

I'd like you to base this week's story on this picture (click on it for a bigger version). It's a beautiful fall afternoon, and you're exploring the woods behind your new country home. You wonder if the stories are true. You're only out for the day, but you have a small pack, your walking stick, and a sharp knife on... Read more →

This week's prompt is taken from the Furious Fiction challenge site. It was their October prompt, set last weekend, to be done in 55 hours. I was in the midst of doing another challenge, for NYC Midnight, so skipped it. But , I did like it, so thought I'd re-use it. Do try their challenge next month though. You were... Read more →

This weeks prompt is from an NYC Midnight micro-fiction challenge - 250 words in 24 hours, starting Friday midnight. We will be givn a genre, an action, and a word. I got Fairy Tale and/or Fantasy, Falling down stairs, silence. Due Midnight Saturday. Jump in, or do a longer one, 1000 words, due noon-ish, Friday, October 11. Photo from here. Read more →