Friday 11/10/2019 #42 Bookstore and Some Words
Friday 25/10/2019 #44 Halloween for Pensioners

Friday 18/10/2019 #43 A Quiet Walk in the Woods

Autumn trail  I'd like you to base this week's story on this picture (click on it for a bigger version). It's a beautiful fall afternoon, and you're exploring the woods behind your new country home. You wonder if the stories are true. You're only out for the day, but you have a small pack, your walking stick, and a sharp knife on your belt.

You hear a faint cry, somewhere up ahead. Your dog slips his leash and heads off, so you follow. 1000 words, by next Friday October 25th. 

Edit - Optional  - if you have trouble deciding what happens. pick one of these genre's at random. Or plot each one out and choose.

1  Fantasy 5  Thriller
2  Sci-Fi 6  Mystery
3  Western 7  Detective Story
4  Romance 8  Dystopia




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Here's this week's story, The Smoker.

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