Friday 23/08/2019 #35 Zombies
Friday 06/09/2019 #37 Off to School

Friday 30/08/2019 #36 A Needy Pet

Spanel I want you to write about a needy pet. A pet that is loving, that is adorable, but wants a lot of attention. Maybe a favorite dog or cat? No, sorry. You have to pick a random one from a list of 10 mythical creatures, shown below. A link to the list, with descriptions, is here. And here's a random 1-10 generator.

Look up some details on your new pet: their likes, their dislikes, how they might express their neediness. Are you a hero, a stable hand, a long-suffering partner left at home? Usual rules, 1000 words or fewer, due noon-ish on Friday, September 6th.

1 Gryphon 6 Cyclops
2 Phoenix 7 Mermaid
3 Unicorn 8 Gorgon
4 Satyr 9 Banshee
5 Minotaur 10 Giant

Link for the image is here.


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Joyce Juzwik

Here's my story. I'm sorry, but I couldn't figure out how a banshee would fit in as a pet, so I went a little off the prompt. Hope that's ok!


Here's mine. Late-ish again, but still non-ish.
The Pet

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