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Friday 30/08/2019 #36 A Needy Pet

Friday 23/08/2019 #35 Zombies

ZombiesI know last week I said NO zombies, and they are a cliche most publishers avoid, but . . .  avoid the cliche. Do zombies with a twist.

There's a TV serie iZombie, wherein the protagonist - a zombie - eats the brain of a murderer, or victim, and gains some of their motivations and personality and flashes of their life. Luckily, she works in a morgue and finds a cop that trusts her 'hunches to solve crimes. So, can't use that twist, but you get the idea. 

1000 words max, due noonish, Friday, August 30th. 

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Joyce Juzwik

Here's my twisted zombie tale, A Real Home.


Mine is still a WIP, as I'm at a cottage with lots of distractions and no computer. I'll get there.


Here we go. Definitely after noon-ish, but still Friday here.
Almost Dead.

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