Friday 09/08/2019 #33 A Tune at the Cottage
Friday 23/08/2019 #35 Zombies

Friday 16/08/2019 #34 In the Mist

Mist  The photo here is just not a pretty image to illustrate the prompt, it is the prompt. Click on it for a bigger version. This was taken in Denny Park on Lake Washington, on a September day, around 9 am.  There are some floats in the foreground, a bit of a dock, and mist. The challenge is to write about this scene, without using knives or chainsaws or pushing someone into the water! Make it romantic. Okay, maybe a bit of angst, but just a bit. Oh, no zombies either.

Due noonish, Friday, August 23rd. 1000 words max

Image is from here.


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Here's my story. Late-ish, but still noon-ish.

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