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Friday 02/08/2019 #32 Some Furious Adjectives

Words I'm going to try the Furious Fiction contest again this month, so I'll use their prompt. They give you 55 hours to write 500 words, with a $500 prize. It's started already, with a closing time of midnight Sunday their time. Which is I think Sunday 10am EST. 

This month, the prompt is to use adjectives. Lots of them, all crammed into 500 words worth of prose. You have to use all the pairs of words, as is, as well as ensure one of the pairs is in your first sentence.

For my site, you can either do the challenge as is, or write up to 1000 words, due noonish on Friday, August 9th. Your choice.

The list is as follows:

  • shiny, silver
  • cold and greasy
  • scratched and weather-worn
  • sweet and pungent
  • ink-stained
  • shrill, piercing

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