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It's been hot in Ottawa, it's hot here in Toronto, it's hot in much of the world. Or there are torrential rains, high winds, droughts - all the extremes we get with global warming. At least here in Southern Ontario we get some relief as that Polar Vortex thingy dips down. So that's the prompt this week - heat. Heat... Read more →

This week's prompt will be from a contest I've entered, the NYCMidnight Flash Fiction Challenge. At midnight tonight each group will be given a random genre, location, and object. Winners advance to the next challenges in September and then November, with the finals in December. We have 48 hours to write 1000 words max, so quite doable but still a... Read more →

This week's challenge will be taken from the latest Furious Fiction Challenge. This contest is run every month by the Australian Writer's Centre. It's free to enter, and there's prize money. Yay. 500 words, $500 prize, 55 hours to write. It's already started, so pitter-patter, let's get at 'er. The prompt this week is as follows: Your story must take... Read more →