Friday 12/07/2019 #29 Midnight Madness
Friday 26/07/2019 #31 Hot Enough For You?

Friday 19/07/2019 #30 Birthday Wish

Bday candles Since my birthday was the 18th (yay) I though that would make a good theme. I'll narrow it down a bit for you, though.

Scenario: It's a birthday, with a cake, and candles. Someone makes a wish and there are consequences.  I'll leave those, as well as who did what, and even the genre, up to you.  I suspect mine will drift to the Dark Side, as is my wont.  1000 words max, due noonish, Friday July 26th. 

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Joyce Juzwik

I'm not going to make the deadline today. Too much nonsense going on. I'm still working through my story too. I like the idea, but I'm having difficulties with it. I'll post it when it's done, but I need to deal with today's craziness first!


I'll be late too. I'm in Toronto, visiting my girlfriend. And dealing with family


Here's mine - Make a Wish

Joyce Juzwik

Finally! Here's Be Careful What You Wish For...

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