Friday 12/07/2019 #29 Midnight Madness

Friday 05/07/2019 #28 A Furious Challenge

Train This week's challenge will be taken from the latest Furious Fiction Challenge. This contest is run every month by the Australian Writer's Centre. It's free to enter, and there's prize money. Yay. 500 words, $500 prize, 55 hours to write. It's already started, so pitter-patter, let's get at 'er.

The prompt this week is as follows: 

  • Your story must take place on a TRAIN.
  • Your story must include something FROZEN.
  • Your story must include three 3-word sentences in a row.

As for the rules:

  • Option 1 is 500 words, by 11:59:59pm Sunday 7 July 2019 (Sydney/Melbourne time). Which is I think is 10 am EDT.  And I assume you will be entering it into the contest, so post a link to it on your blog after the fact.
  • Option 2 is same prompts, but 1000 words, due noonish (EDT), Friday, July 12th. 

Or both if you're a real keener ;-) 

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Here's my story. I finished it last Sunday and sent it in. Finger's crossed.

Joyce Juzwik

Here's mine. It's called The Long Sleep.

Joyce Juzwik

Good luck with the contest, Mike. I'm going to give the next one over there a try.

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