Friday 21/06/19 #26 -Random Scenario

Friday 28/06/19 #27 -Another Random Scenario

Chest of drawers I liked this kind of prompt last week. We have fertile imaginations as writers - sometimes too fertile So many choices, so little focus, right? I use these prompts a a way to limit that imagination a bit, but also, hopefully, as a way to push our comfort zone out a bit. I picked another one from this site after some browsing. It could be a simple story - or not!

You've bought an old chest of drawers and discover a piece of paper stuck inside. What is written on that piece of paper?

Usual rules. Give us up to 1000 words, due noonish next Friday, July 5th. Post a link to it below the comments.

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Joyce Juzwik

The chances are very good that mine will be late this week. I like the idea, but it's just not coming together within the word limit. I have a few changes in mind, and I will not give up. I will post a link here when it's done - for sure!


I'll be late too. I have a good story roughed out, but I've also been babysitting my grandson during the day. And have two of them today.


OK - done. It's titled Just Some Paper.

Joyce Juzwik

So late, but done. It's called The Shoebox. Many, many rewrites, but here at last.

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