Friday 24/05/19 #22 -Random Character
Friday 07/06/19 #24 -Random Place

Friday 31/05/19 #23 -All Hail Juno, Goddess of Marriage

Wedding2 And now we head into June, the traditional month for marriage. Maybe because of the Roman Goddess Juno, or because people were still relatively fresh after their first spring bath, or because young couples had met up at the first Spring festivals and now wanted/needed to get married. 

I'm not a personal fan of weddings, but it still can be a good topic. Write a wedding story, 1000 words max, and include the traditional 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'. Genre, gender, and species are your choice.

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Joyce Juzwik

Here's mine. It's called A Family Affair.


Here's my story - ready for noonish. I had some clever technical points earlier, but decided this morning just to simplify it. Something Blue

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