Friday 17/05/19 #21 -The Two-four Weekend
Friday 31/05/19 #23 -All Hail Juno, Goddess of Marriage

Friday 24/05/19 #22 -Random Character

Victoria-1440x720 This was a challenge on Terrible Minds back in 2013. I didn't try it then, but will use it this week.  This is a random character generator, sometimes with a bit of fantasy added.  Give it a click, and marvel at the six suggestions. Pick either the second or the fourth one, since it is the 24th today (Big ups to Queen Victoria), and write up to 1000 words. Due noonish, as usual, next Friday, the 31st.  


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Joyce Juzwik

Here's mine. It's called Thou Shalt Not Steal.


Here's mine, definitely later than noonish. I could use the excuse that life happened, but that's a regular occurrence. Note to self - start earlier.

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