Friday 10/05/19 #20 -Quirky Phrases
Friday 24/05/19 #22 -Random Character

Friday 17/05/19 #21 -The Two-four Weekend

Molson Up here in Canada, we're starting a long weekend. It's held on the weekend of, or before, May 24th, which is the Queen's "Birthday". Queen Victoria. We're not in the British Empire anymore, and Vicky is long since dead, but we like the holiday. It's the first long weekend of spring, and a chance to get up to the cottage with family and a two-four (24) of beer.  Or several cases, depending on the family. 

So give us a story about that first spring trip up to the cottage with friends and family. Loving reunions. Maybe family you haven't seen, or talked to, since the Christmas 'incident'. Maybe some renovations are planned. Power tools, family, and beer - oh my? 1000 words, due noon-ish, Friday, May 24th. 


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Joyce Juzwik

Here's my story. It's called Time for a Change.


Here's my story Two on the Two-four. Not as rushed as usual. My girlfriend is visiting, and working on a poetry submission for a contest, so last night we wrote and edited. With sufficient beer and cider.

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