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We've all done it, listening in either inadvertently or deliberately. Writers are especially guilty of it, as the voyeurs of society, collecting dialogue, people, and plots. Oh my! It's a drizzly day here, but I'll head out shortly to the library, then a coffee. Imagine you're in a pub, or cafe, on a rainy day. You hear a conversation next... Read more →

You bought a new house, over the winter. It was a great deal. heavily discounted after months, maybe years on the market. It's an older place, a 'fixer-upper', but has great potential. Supposedly there had been a garden in back, too, buried under all that snow. It's spring now, most of the snow has gone, and you've scraped off most... Read more →

This week I'll give you a setting. The last thing you remember was settling into your regular bus seat, and closing your eyes for just a minute. When you waken, the bus seems empty, yet the engine is still running. It's dark outside. You were having a dream, fading already, but you remember five words. I'll give you five random... Read more →