Friday 19/04/19 #17 -Statue
Friday 03/05/19 #19 -Random Setting

Friday 26/04/19 #18 -Eavesdropping

Ear We've all done it, listening in either inadvertently or deliberately. Writers are especially guilty of it, as the voyeurs of society, collecting dialogue, people, and plots. Oh my!

It's a drizzly day here, but I'll head out shortly to the library, then a coffee. Imagine you're in a pub, or cafe, on a rainy day. You hear a conversation next to you. Is it intriguing? Dangerous? Do you join in? Do they leave too soon? 

The usual - 1000 words, due noon-ish EDT, next Friday, May 3rd. 

Photo from here.


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Joyce Juzwik

Here's this week's story. It's called Mother Knows Best.


Here's my story, titled An Unfortunate Habit.

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