Friday 12/04/19 #16 -New Things in the Garden
Friday 26/04/19 #18 -Eavesdropping

Friday 19/04/19 #17 -Statue

Status I was going to suggest something Easter themed this week then my little sister posted this photo. She's with her hubby, vacationing in Spain, and took this near the caves at Nerja. 

It's an intriguing statue, isn't it? Use it to get your brain working on a story. Who was it, what are the straps and bolts for, who owns it, who is about to walk by? 1000 words, due noon-ish EDT next Friday, the 26th. 


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Joyce Juzwik

Just couldn't seem to get anything to work this time, Mike. It's an intriguing prompt, but my ideas went nowhere fast. Looking forward to your story!


Mine is still a WIP. I had the same problem. Had a few ideas while I was away, but nothing seemed to gel - I was self-editing I think. So I picked one and as I explore I am finding interesting bits in it. I will be late.
You could always just list your 3-4 possibilities, and maybe somebody will go with one of them another day.

Joyce Juzwik

Even though I missed the deadline, I think I'm going to still try to work this out. I really like my original idea, and maybe a story can still be created.


Go for it Joyce ;-)


Here's my story. A little late. I was away, but my problem was settling on a story. I eventually just picked something and trusted my imagination to save me once I got going. And I think it worked.

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