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It being spring, hopefully where you live you're getting rain now, instead of snow. Spring rains can be a welcome thing, whether to start your garden, water in a farmer's crop, or rinse away the cigarette butts and dog poo from city sidewalks. That burst of sun after a spring shower brings out both songbirds and smiles. But, like all... Read more →

I'm in Toronto this week, and it is definitely spring-like. The snow and ice only linger in the shadiest corners of yards, the sun is out, and the daytime temperatures are above freezing. And the flowers are starting to pop up. No shorts sightings yet, though. This is prompt #13 so far - yay! I briefly considered a basketball theme... Read more →

TL;DR - salad, and treachery, with some optional Irish. I had a few themes in mind this week so will blend them together. Today is the Ides of March, a traditional Roman holiday, a day they chose for settling debts. With coins or otherwise. The day, in 44 BC, when Julius Caesar was assassinated, stabbed to death by more murderers... Read more →

This week I'll start you off with a setup. Think of your favourite coat, a comfortable great looking coat. Maybe it's a puffy insulated coat, or sleek leather, or gaudy dress-up - whatever your taste might be. You're going to donate it to a charity—I don't know why, maybe because Lent starts soon. Who ends up getting that coat, and... Read more →