Friday 08/03/19 -Springing Forward
Friday 22/03/19 #13 -Spring, a Time of Mixed Emotions

Friday 15/-3/19 -I'll Start with the Salad, Please

Salad TL;DR - salad, and treachery, with some optional Irish.

I had a few themes in mind this week so will blend them together.

Today is the Ides of March, a traditional Roman holiday, a day they chose for settling debts. With coins or otherwise. The day, in 44 BC, when Julius Caesar was assassinated, stabbed to death by more murderers than rode in Agatha Christie's Orient Express. 

We will celebrate St. Patrick's day on the 17th of the Month. St. Patrick, renowned for bringing Christianity and Catholic guilt to the Emerald Isle, and chasing out the snakes in the process. An allegory, as Ireland had no snakes, just Druids. We celebrate his death on the 17th, and traditionally the normal Lenten restrictions on food and alcohol are lifted for the day. 

And, finally, a friend saw the photo I posted from a local bar, Pubblico, and challenged me to start a story with someone eating a salad. I initially bristled, as writers get a lot of  'you should write a story about xxx', but maybe it has merit. 

So - the challenge. Write a story that opens with someone eating a salad, then dives into treachery. Preferably with knives involved. Choice of salad is optional, as is your inclusion of some Irish elements such as leprechauns, shamrocks, and greenery. No snakes please.


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