Friday 01/03/19 -The Coat Off Your Back
Friday 15/-3/19 -I'll Start with the Salad, Please

Friday 08/03/19 -Springing Forward

ClocksFor many of us, this Sunday morning time will move forward one hour. Starting at 3 am in fact, because - think about it - 2 am, and the minutes and seconds between it and 3 - cease to exist. Okay, I'm aware that our measurement is just a construct, that we don't really lose an hour into a puff of smoke. But what if we did? Or, maybe your characters all dutiful change their clocks, but, being in a pre-smartphone era, they do it at different times. What are the scheduling consequences? 

Your challenge is to write about the change to Daylight Savings Time. 1000 words. Due noonish, next Friday, on the Ides of March.  

BTW - Here's an interesting DST article, with a good video. 

Image from here.


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Joyce Juzwik

Here's Out of Time.


Here I am, finally. My 'noonish' has slipped a bit, but it's been trimmed down from 2000 to about 1000.

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