Friday 22/02/19 - Some Words
Friday 08/03/19 -Springing Forward

Friday 01/03/19 -The Coat Off Your Back

Coat This week I'll start you off with a setup. Think of your favourite coat, a comfortable great looking coat. Maybe it's a puffy insulated coat, or sleek leather, or gaudy dress-up - whatever your taste might be.

You're going to donate it to a charity—I don't know why, maybe because Lent starts soon. Who ends up getting that coat, and how does it change their life? Give us 1000 words max, by Friday March 8th. Noonish.

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Joyce Juzwik

This week's story kind of wrote itself, and I let it do its own thing. It's called The Right One. I hope you enjoy it.


Here's my story for the challenge - Wardrobe Malfunction.

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