Friday 15/02/19 - Testing Your Character
Friday 01/03/19 -The Coat Off Your Back

Friday 22/02/19 - Some Words

WordsSo many words, so many choices. English is such a rich language. And as our writing skills improve we realize that we can likely choose any genre, character, setting, or situation and craft a good story. It can be hard to focus and get started—hence these prompts, which seek both to intrigue and to limit you. This week I'll give you some words to start you off. There are 16 in the list, but you must use eight of them. A random choice is preferred - this site can pick 8 out of 16 for you.  

1 confess 9 ready
2 desk 10 cream
3 second 11 noisy
4 lively 12 stocking
5 enchanted 13 jaded
6 popcorn 14 fool
7 exchange 15 railway
8 smell 16 sign


I tried a variation on this a few years ago - it was fun. The usual rules here - 1000 words, due noonish next Friday, March 1 (March already??).


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