Friday 08/02/19 - Love Amongst the Monsters
Friday 22/02/19 - Some Words

Friday 15/02/19 - Testing Your Character

Blizzard TL;DR - in a blizzard.

Life often sends us challenges that test our character, and patience. I've found that in writing, if I have a character I can't seem to flesh out enough, it can help to throw something at them, to test them and see how they cope with it. Such as a job loss, a new child, a twisted ankle, or a blizzard. 

Here in Eastern Ontario, and in many other parts of  North America, we have been experiencing a Snowmaggedon. Or several of them. Extreme weather seems to be a symptom of Global Warming, so if it isn't a heat wave, it's a blizzard. Maybe some locusts too. So, challenge a character with a blizzard, with reezing temperatures and high winds driving the snow into a whiteout.   

1000 words, due next Friday, the 22nd.  Have fun, and stay warm. Photo is from here.




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