Friday 11/01/19 - It's all about location. And things.
Friday 25/01/19 -It's the Journey, not the Destination.

Friday 18/01/19 -Try a random genre

This week's prompt is a bit of a fiddle—I've had to bend my rules.

TL;DR - pick a random genre from this list. 

1 Action/Adventure 7 Ghost Story 13 Romantic Comedy
2 Comedy 8 Historical Fiction 14 Sci-Fi
3 Crime Caper 9 Horror 15 Suspense
4 Drama 10 Mystery 16 Thriller
5 Fairy Tale 11 Political Satire    
6 Fantasy 12 Romance    


I'm entered in the NYC Midnight Short Story competition. The first heat starts at midnight tonight, when I will be assigned a random genre fro their list, not my own. Plus, I get a subject, and a character. The story is to be 2500 words, due in 8 days. I still want to do my 1000 word FFF challenge too, so I will re-use their prompt for myself, or at least try to. I may also have to delay posting it here until after the Short Story goes in, midnight of the 26th, so they get an original. I still have not decided on the order for writing, either, whether to do the 2500 first, 1000 first, or both. 

This is a list of the genres they have chosen: action/adventure, comedy, crime caper, drama, fairy tale, fantasy, ghost story, historical fiction, horror, mystery, political satire, romance, romantic comedy, sci-fi, spy, suspense, thriller. I'm sure there are many others you could think of, but you are allowed to combine these, as long as you keep the main assigned genre in the forefront. Their definitions are here.

Subjects and characters, on the other hand, are almost limitless. Some subjects they have used in past were: a laboratory, recycling, Halloween, a trial, luck, altruism, or a sunrise.  And subjects were: a teacher, a bartender, a bus driver, a CEO, a lead singer, an actress, or an undertaker. I'll add an update here to let you know what I get.

Wish me luck.


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Joyce Juzwik

Mike, That competition sounds exciting. Please do keep us posted on your story.


Good luck, Mike!

Joyce Juzwik

Here's Rest in Peace


Okay, my apologies. I missed my own challenge. I managed to spend waaaay more time on my 2500 word short story, changing the focus of it - and structure - twice. I didn't even have time to think about this prompt. But - good news - I now have a good focus and wrote a first draft I like. Now it's time for fine tuning, before Saturday midnight.
Edit - I did make it in with my story, before midnight, and I was pleased with the final version. Once they acknowledge that it was received okay, I can post it online.


Finally!! The contest said they received my entry okay, so I can now post online. I had the genre Ghost Story.

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