Friday 04/01/2019 - An Interesting Photo
Friday 18/01/19 -Try a random genre

Friday 11/01/19 - It's all about location. And things.

I found an interesting Short Story challenge, run by NYC Midnight. The first heat starts January 28th, so I signed up.  There are prizes - cash, publishing deals, and discounts 0n writing tools. For each heat you have ou have 8 days, then 3 days, then 1 day.

They also run a Flash Fiction contest, in the summer, that sounds like fun. You are given a genre, a location, and a thing as prompts, and have 48 hours to write your story - 1000 words max. More prizes, of course.

I thought I'd try something similar this week , and challenge with a random location and thing.  There are six choices for each, so roll a pair of dice for specific prompt. If you can't find any - here's a site for you. I'll leave the genre open but feel to pick one you like. Or one you've not tried. 

  Location Thing
1 Awards dinner Press-on nails
2 Dark lake Onion rings
3 Car wash Remote controlled drone
4 Parking garage Box of animal crackers
5 Village plaza Plastic fork
6 Quiet suburb Folded sheet of paper


As usual, 1000 words maximum, due next Friday, January 18, at 12 noon EST. Have fun.


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I'm not sure this was what you intended. I'm always unsure about prompts unless they're something easy like kink-bingo.

Joyce Juzwik

Here's The Best-Laid Plans...


Here's my own contribution. I got 'quiet suburb' and 'box of animal crackers'.

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