Friday 28/12/2018 - A Random Song
Friday 11/01/19 - It's all about location. And things.

Friday 04/01/2019 - An Interesting Photo

Interesting I'll often be wandering my quirky neighbourhood when something catches my eye, something interesting. Which usually means odd, and gives me cause to wonder just what's behind the image. And of course, since I always have my cell phone with me, with better specs than my SLR I might add, I grab a shot, such as the one here. However, 'interesting' is in the mind of the beholder, so rather than subject you to my pics, I'll look farther afield, and also add some randomness to the process.

Flickr has a magical 'interestingness' algorithm that ranks members photos just for this. Click on this link and you'll get a page full of 'interesting' images. However, I don't want to make this too easy, so start with the first image that pops up on the page. Save it as a reference, and try it on, before you choose another one. If you have a large photo collection yourself, you can pick a random one from there - roll some dice or throw a dart! 

What is happening in the image? What happens next? Who is there, or not there? How does it make you feel? You get the picture. 

Due noon EST next Friday, January 11. 1000 words limit. 

Here's a link to last week's prompt, with links in the comments to two writers, myself and Joyce Juzwik. 


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