Friday 04/01/2019 - An Interesting Photo

Friday 28/12/2018 - A Random Song

This first week's prompt is to use a song as inspiration. It's a familiar idea, but I saw the suggestion on Chuck Wendig's Terrible Minds blog, back in 2014.

This week, open up  Google Play, iTunes, your own library, etc, and pick a random song. Now write a Flash Fiction story, based on that title. You can use the lyrics for inspiration, or not. If it seems too hard a choice, don't look right away for a more 'comfortable' title. Work at it. And I'll give you double the usual word count, 2000, just to get going. It can be a challenge for some to keep to that limit, and still tell a good story, but remember that the point of these is to get you thinking and writing. Don't worry about perfection. 

Good luck.  Due 12 noon next Friday EST

Note - I realize this first one is pretty short notice for some, as I just floated the idea to some friends a few days ago. And backdated the post title. Sorry ;-) 


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Joyce Juzwik

Here's a little "Murder at Midnight".


Here's mine - Slow Caboose.


Thanks Joyce - I'll take a look in a bit.

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